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Greg Humphreys Wins Academy Award

[Editor's Note: This somewhat old article bumped back up to the top because of the March 24 Dallas NABC Bulletin Article, not just so that Greg can re-watch his video a few hundred more times.]

We at Bridge Winners are proud to announce that our very own Greg Humphreys has won an Academy Award, as can be seen in this video:

The official award text reads:

ToMatt Pharr, Greg HumphreysandPat Hanrahanfor their formalization and reference implementation of the concepts behind physically based rendering, as shared in their bookPhysically Based Rendering.

Physically based rendering has transformed computer graphics lighting by more accurately simulating materials and lights, allowing digital artists to focus on cinematography rather than the intricacies of rendering. First published in 2004,Physically Based Renderingis both a textbook and a complete source-code implementation that has provided a widely adopted practical roadmap for most physically based shading and lighting systems used in film production.

Congratulations, Greg!

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