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Grue-Moss Slam Bidding

Session 6, Board 18: Grue-Moss play in 3+2, France bid 6. Lose 15

Session 7, Board 4: Grue-Moss reach 6, missed in the other room. Gain 13

Session 7, Board 8: Grue-Moss reach 7, the only making grand, France play 7NT-1. Gain 16

Session 8, Board 28: Grue-Moss play 4NT+2; slam on a finesse, bid by the French. Lose 11

Session 8, Board 31: Grue Moss play 5+1 when it looked to this kibitzer that they had exchanged enough information to know that 6 was good. Missed by the French. Flat board

Session 8, Board 32: Grue-Moss overbid to 7-1, France bid 6. Lose 17 


Net loss over these boards: 14 imps. If USA2 had lost by 2 imps instead of winning by 2, these boards would have weighed heavily in the post-mortem.


I am in no way trying to denigrate their performance. They did some great things on many other boards (e.g. hustling France into 5 and then avoiding the tempting singleton club lead that would have given the contract on Session 8, Board 24). And they must have been tired after two weeks of intense pressure. And the tension in the final session of what had been a close match throughout must have been enormous. Nevertheless, this selection raises some questions:

Are their relay methods really that good?

Should they have been able to find 7 on Board 32, as Robson-Gold did in the Transnationals?

Was 7  on Board 32 a punt because Moss thought they had had some bad results in session 8?

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