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Hasta la vista, visa?

There have been some issues with players obtaining visas. This is a situation unique to China. The US Department of State has not granted visa to bridge players over the years for various reasons.

It occurs to be that the easy work-around for the WBF (well, not as easy as ‘get someone else’) is to allow that player to compete remotely. That team’s matches would take place on electronic tablets. It would be simple enough to link the remote player as an option to requiring a replacement or withdrawal. Security is easy. Web cam and an RA approved monitor.

Pierre de Coubertin famously noted: "The important thing is not to win, but to take part". Since he was the founder of the modern Olympic games and the second president of the IOC, perhaps our WBF could embrace the true Olympic spirit and try to find a way to insure politics does not interfer with our world championships. 

So that you too can participate, I made this a poll, offering voting choices both with and without the extraneous commentary.

(Participate as you wish!)

Heck yes - The whole event should be on tablets!
Nutty - Yates, where do you get these silly ideas?
Absolutely not - As a traditional bridge player I am always against change.
Who knows - It seems like a 2-way finesse and I always guess wrong.

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