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Have you ever seen this auction before?

Today I had a sequence which I will put up in a day or two, where I saw a second round call that prompted me to think the auction might never have happened before.

That in turn prompted a request for suggestions...

What is the earliest call in an auction that you've seen or been involved in, where after a specific call,  it made you think "This auction will NEVER have occurred before!"?

Awards for the lowest such call in terms of level or the earliest in terms of it being the first or second round for example.

 An example -- not the one I was going to post:

(1)-4 must be relatively rare.

If you knew the opening bidder was Dr Tony Clark that might give you a clue as to who had hearts. That might well not be unique but it would be relatively rare.

Again, another example from 35 years ago:

Playing with David Burn (Precision) we had the auction

1-(2)-P -P



Not unusual but not exactly common either...

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