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Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support

The Honolulu NABC promises to be memorable – bridge, sand, and surf in a tropical setting. If you haven’t yet made your reservations, it’s not too late. And if you have made your reservations, we have an appeal:

Please plan to stay at the NABC host hotel.

The ACBL’s contract with the Hilton Hawaiian Village was negotiated seven years ago and, at that point, a hotel room-night commitment was made that allowed free playing space. We depend on guests at the host hotel to satisfy this commitment and are well short of our goal.

Many members attending the NABC have arranged alternative accommodations. Consequently, the resulting low number of tournament players’ reservations at the Hilton has put the ACBL at significant financial risk for not meeting its room block commitment.

In the age of internet hotel deals and Airbnb, the old, contractual NABC host hotel model isn’t working any longer, at least, not as currently configured and priced. The ACBL Board and management are working toward a solution. In the meantime, we are issuing this plea: Please support our tournament by staying at the host hotel. We look forward to seeing you.

Call onPeak at 855-992-3353 or email to reserve a room, or book online at

Jay N. Whipple III, ACBL President

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