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1) In the famous deal where Hamman did not overruff in five diamonds, West (Wolff) had K-Q-10-8 in clubs. Do we know how Wolff played his clubs?

2) The defender had the king in the suit led by his partner against a slam (dummy had ace-queen-whatever, and the defender knew partner led a singleton), and the trump king. (Declarer had the trump ace, so the defender knew the trump king was not winning.) When declarer played the ace on the first trick, the defender dropped the king. Declarer played ace and another in trumps; the defender won and gave partner a ruff in the suit led. Barry Rigal said Liza Shaw was the defender, and he had written it in the IBPA circa 1989. Does anybody has access to it?

3) (It is possible that some of the following details are not exactly as described.) The declarer was in slam after his left preempted and led a low card in the suit he preempted. The declarer had ace-queen in the suit led. Dummy had a long solid suit, but the declarer was void in the suit and dummy had no entry. So the declarer dropped the queen under the king on the first trick. His right-hand opponent assumed partner was underleading the ace to get a ruff. So he played dummy's long suit back. Do you know the deal/source/where I can find it from?

4) The deal keeps getting lost in my archive. West opens with four diamonds and leads a diamond and we are supposed to make some contract. Given that West has 8 diamonds (I think), but may have any distribution otherwise, the correct play is to play the cards in the precise order. (That West cannot be void in suit x, so cash one in suit x; now West cannot be void in suit y, so cash suit y, now West must have ..., so cash suit x again, etc.) Does anybody has to the deal, and does anybody where the deal appeared originally?

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