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I'm part of a committee that is bringing learn bridge in a day to my hometown.  We have covered the usual bases in advertising and decided that we had enough money in the budget for a TV ad.  I found a local station willing to give us fifty :30 ads for only $10 a piece and they even included some production in the hopes we would be successful and advertise more in the future.  This post is not about those decisions, as they have been made.


I have approximately 24 seconds to show that bridge is fun and I wanted some opinions on how I might go about that projection.  I think I'm going to begin with something like:  Do you enjoy card games?  Spades?  Are you looking for something new and fun to play with your friends on Friday nights?  Try Learn Bridge in a Day!


The station demographics are young people, age 24-40, and those are the people I'm trying to reach. 


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