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Hesitation Blackwood II (Director's perspective)

1. The opponents bid Blackwood and give an ambiguous response of 5 or 5 showing zero or three, or one or four which ever way is their preference.

2. The Blackwooder hesitates before rebidding five of the agreed major.

3. The Blackwood partnership claim to be playing autowood - they always bid on with three or four.

4. The partner of the Blackwood bidder is tightly defined. Perhaps they opened 1NT.

5. Say the Blackwooder is only missing nine hcp other than the key-cards, for example with spades agreed and Blackwooder has QJxx K Jx AKQxxx missing QJ, KQ, and J plus the keycards. That is it is impossible for partner to have zero or one key-card. But they bid five of the agreed major anyway.* * For the purposes of this poll reduce nine hcp to eight or whatever number you want if you are worried that the partnership frequently upgrade so that a 13 hcp is possible for a 15-17 NT.

How do you rule when you are called and the hesitation Blackwooder's partner has raised to slam?

I roll back to 5Major.
I allow the 6Major bid.
I roll back if they cannot document their autowood agreement but allow a raise if they can.
I allow 6Major but warn (or penalise) the slow 5Major bid. (possibly only if they can document or I accept their agreement)
I allow 6Major only if they can convince me that they always bid 5Major and not 6 or 7Major in such circumstances where the Blackwooder knows they have three or four and not zero or one.
Other (since I left it off but please try not to use this unless you think I have left out something very significant)

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