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High Level Reverses

I would like to use my first post on this forum to ask for other players' opinions about the meaning of the following bidding sequences

1/ - (P) - 2 - (P) - 3

1 - (P) - 2 - (P) - 3/

which are sometimes called "high-level reverses."

After the two-level response by partner, I am assuming that opener would rebid as follows if holding 6 cards in the major:

1) With 6M and 4m opener would usually rebid 2M with minimum HCP strength, or 3m with more than a minimum

2) With 6M and 5m opener would usually rebid 3m, even with a minimum

(please feel free to express your thoughts on these assumptions in your comments). I am interested in hearing other players's opinions about how opener should rebid with 5 cards in the major and 4 or 5 cards in the minor, so here is my question.

Playing SAYC (not 2/1 GF), what agreement would you suggest about the meaning of a high-level reverse in terms of opener's distribution and strength? Any comments you may want to post along with your vote would be greatly appreciated. Please use the "Other" option if you think the agreement should take other factors into account, such as vulnerability. Thanks!

Could be just 5M and 4m with minimum HCP strength
Should be at least 5M-5m, may have minimum HCP strength
Could be 5M-4m or 5M-5m, but with 5M-4m distribution the hand should have more than minimum HCP strength
5M-4m or 5M-5m, more than minimum HCP strength in either case
Other (plase explain)

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