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"Hottest" Debates Among Bridge Experts Today?

I'm laughing a little bit that I am using the word "hottest" in the context of debates over bridge (of all things), but this is after all a website that is a gathering of bridge nerds so I am going to go with it.Just to be clear, I do not consider myself an "expert" or anywhere close but I am someone who tries to read as much as I can about the game, especially recent literature.  So I'll call myself an "enthusiastic consumer" of all things bridge-related.  

This brings me to my question: What are some topics/questions within the bridge community, particularly among experts, that seem to be hotly contested these days?  I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of the BW community on this.

From my "reader and consumer" vantage point, some debates that I have seen pop up include:

-Is it ever appropriate/wise to open 1NT with a singleton honor in one suit?-Is it ever appropriate/wise to open 1NT with a six-card major but an otherwise-balanced hand?

-Is it ever appropriate/wise to open a four-card major in third or fourth seat?-Is it ever appropriate/wise to make a three-level opening preempt with a six-card suit?

-If you have 6-4 distribution in a major and minor, respectively, should priority go to rebidding the major or showing the four-card minor?

-When evaluating his/her hand, should the declarer-to-be in a suit contract add points for short suit holdings or is this only appropriate for the dummy-to-be to do when evaluating his/her hand?

-How much strength do you need to make a non-jump 2-level suit overcall of a 1-of-a-suit opening in direct seat?

-If your partner opens the bidding 1, his/her LHO passes, and the bidding comes to you, what action should you take if you have 0-3 HCP and something like a 4=4=3=2 distribution?  Is it better to pass or try to "bail out" partner to avoid (potentially) playing in a 3-2 fit?

I could easily be missing the mark but these are discussions I have seen come up during my one year playing this wonderful game.

What are some other points of contention you've seen among experienced/strong players?  

This thread is pretty broad but thought it would be interesting to start a discussion. 

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