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How Angry Should We Be?

Regional Bracketed Knockout.  Original concept - one day of Round Robin Swiss, then top 4 teams play 24 board matches the second day to determine 1,2,3,4.

Four teams register for Bracket 1.  One World Class+ pro team and three very good non-pro teams.  Everybody: Is this an event?  Director: I don't know, but will check with DIC and ?

After further review, Director: Yes, we can change it to one day event, play two long matches and award 1,2,3 normal masterpoints for this level of one-day KO.

We play the event. 1,2,3 established as advertised.  We can then play in one day Open Swiss instead of normal second day of knockout matches.

Next day, Directors and district officials: Either not a legal event or can only award first place (not clear which it is at this writing); they return all of the entry fees; no masterpoints awarded except for first (the world class+ team).

How angry/mad/upset/chagrined should we be?

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