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How can an Open KO be canceled at a Regional?

Some comments in another thread (on a proposed change in MP awards for 5 and 6 person teams), really disturbed me.

It was stated by at least two individuals that there were sessions at recently-held Regionals in which either the Open Flight of a KO was cancelled, because there weren't enough participants, or that events at the Open level were truncated because not enough teams entered, leaving those A players with several sessions where there was literally no Regional Event in which they could play.  

There's no way that this should be allowed to happen, IMO.  If lots of teams want to enter a 0 to 4,000 MP event, and not many want to enter the Open, then there should be handicapping (which I realize is an imperfect solution), or something else done to make sure players who want to (or must) play in the Open bracket, have something to play in!  

How do others feel about this?  

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