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how do you bid these hands?

The bidding goes: 1 to my right, 2 by me (rightly or wrongly with xxx x AK10x KJ9xx.  I like the 1-2 or 1-2 auctions....harder to find the right major) pass by LHO. What now?  Partner holds Kxx AKJxxx Qxx x.  Our methods are: new suit constructive but not forcing; jump shift is a fit jump in clubs.  Our auction was:

1 - 2 - P - 2

p  - 2N - P - 3

p - 4 - p - 4N

5! - all pass

Needless to say this was not a success.  The only force we had was 2.  I wasn't sure if 3 was a cue or a suit (I think  3 over 2N would be invitational). I bid 4 (which I thought showed a minimum).  I wasn't sure what 4N meant and should have passed but tried to closeout at the "safer 5".

Should we give up on fit jumps in competition?  Should partner have downgraded his hand with club shortness and the diamond queen.  How would you have bid these cards? 

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