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How Do You Raise -Part 2

piggybacking off my earlier problem with the splendid 9 count, let’s see how the group divides with this one:

Again, Std.Amer. 2/1GF, BWS(so 1NT not 100% forcing), matchpoints, W/W

10xx Axx KJx Qxxx.  1 more hcp, weaker trumps, no doubleton, 1.5QT instead of 2 bulls.


After 1S-?  If your answer would differ if 1NT was 100% forcing, please elaborate.


Raise to 2S
1NT, then jump to 3S over 2m, raise to 3S over 2S
1NT, then jump to 3S over 2m, jump to 4S over 2S

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