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How do you rule?

North South are playing four spades.  At the end of trick eleven, North is out of trump, and has the king seven of clubs remaining.

It is North's turn to play since he has taken trick eleven.  His left hand opponent, East,  holds the jack four of clubs

His Right hand opponent, West, has a trump, the spade seven and the high heart, the king.  Dummy has two little diamonds.

At this point, East speaks, and shows his cards to declarer.  He says:  "You get one and I get one.  He is referring to the club position, 

West says:  "Stop.talking and play. I don't concede.  I have a trump and a good heart left. I take the last two tricks."

you are summoned as director.  I am not making this up, it actually happened.  How do you rule?


Note:  I tried to create  these hands on the handviewer but could not.  Is there a way to show partial hands?


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