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How does it feel to play against world class opposition?

Finally I have released a pack of 20 deals from a vugraph archive on a close match played in 2008 in NEC Cup. It features team THE LATIN (Diego Breener, Frankie Frontaura, Federico Goded and Gonzalo Goded) against the favourite team MAHAFFEY (Peter Fredin, Bjorn Fallenius, Fredyk Nystrom, Peter Bertheau)

To do so I used the vugraph archives recreating all real boards. I then picked one of the 4 sits who had something interesting to do on the hand, and again recreated everything that happened on the board. This means that as long as you act the same as the player you are subbing on this hand did on 2008, your partner an opponents will act exactly the same way. When you make different decisions I have made my best guess about what would happen in that case.

The hands are real so don't expect hidden problem positions or something, there are partscore hands, games, slams, etc.

I made 20 hands only, corresponding to the first half, it took me quite a lot of time to do it, even had some friends test them to improve the quality of them. If people like it I will add the 20 hands from the second half later.

At the end of each hand you will be able to review the play on each table and compare scores with them, also you will see how other users performed on your same position.

To keep track on the database about your scores, I need a nickname, this means that registering/logging in is required although it is normally not required on my site. Registering is totally free and done in one step, not even a real email address is needed. If someone registered already but forgot his password please email me or send me a private message.

NOTE: If you perform poorly on a hand, your nickname won't show up to other users, it will be hidden as anonymous, so don't be shy and register.

To play the hands you just have to go to my webpage and click on NEC cup Challengue, or you can also click here directly if you are lazy:

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