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How does one Market a Bridge Club?

I run a very small club, one evening game a week, currently averaging between 5.5 and 6 tables. I have an e-mail list of over 80 people, (fifteen participate at least half the time).

  • I send a weekly e-mail,
  • I post results on ACBL Club Results,
  • I use The Common Game for all games (including team games) except STaC.
  • I post club information on a Facebook page (which also has lots of other bridge-related information I scavenge from Facebook).
  • I have room on the hand records (editing the Common Game and STaC hand records) to include more information, and I use that room for:
  1. listing future events,
  2. listing URLs for results posting,
  3. advertising the mailing list,
  4. advertising the Facebook page.
  • I run a Powerpoint slideshow on a large flat-screen TV at the site before the game, I have the Round Timer there during the game, and then a post-game slideshow. Slideshow includes:
  1. Welcome,
  2. last game's results,
  3. future events,
  4. thanks to volunteers
  5. thanks for playing
  • I've had an article in the Unit Newsletter.
  • I do NOT have a specific separate Club web site.

The first game I directed at this club (January 2013) had TWO tables, so I've had some success in growing the game, but not much in the past year -- how do I grow it more?Humor break on marketing: and all suggestions are appreciated and will be considered, thanks!

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