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How "expert" is this play?

Last night, I played at our club's 8 is Enough game. My partner is a relatively new player with a lot to learn. On one hand, my LHO opened 1N 15-17, swish. My partner led something unremarkable. Dummy came down with AJ8xx and no other points. Winning the first trick, declarere played the 9. Partner had KT tight, and played the T. Declarer put in the J. I had Qxx and it did not matter whether I ducked or not, declarer taking 4 tricks to make 3.

My question is what expert level do you have to be to play second hand high there. I certainly did not expect it from my novice partner. I suspect 90% at my club will not do it.

The categories in the poll are meant to represent true indictions of the ranks and points. So please no comments about 5000 points means nothing etc.

Disclaimer: I am a Flight B player, so I am not saying i will do it.

Grand life master
5000 + points
2000+ points
any life master

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