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How far is an inverted minor raise forcing

I'm sure that this question has been posed before but humor me, please.

It seems to me that there are two reasonable possibilities, and the answer might be different depending on the form of the game, and even on which suit was opened. One is that opener's 2NT rebid shows a minimum balanced hand, and responder can pass. The other is that the auction is forcing to three of the opened suit. 

If you take the "2NT" position, that might make more sense after 1, since opener might be 4-3-3-3 with three clubs, and not after 1 when the only time opener has only three diamonds he presumably has a doubleton club facing probably length and thus a ruffing value. It also, at least to me, makes more sense at matchpoints than at imps.

Assume, please, that you play a standard system, and not forcing club or some form of short club.

 I do know that there are many combinations not listed below. That's why the "other" category.
Forcing to 2NT
Forcing to 2N at matchpoints, 3 of minor at imps
Forcing to 2N after 1, 3 after 1
Forcing to 3 of minor

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