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How far to go for full disclosure

Last night I was playing with a newish partner.


RHO asked me about 3N. I explained that it should show 9-11 HCP and at least 4 spades, and we had definitely agreed on this in theory but it was a new agreement for my partner and it is possible that she forgot. They asked if that was on by a passed hand and I said yes. They the asked if there was any other agreement that we might have for 3N in similar auctions. I said the only other similar agreement was that 3N over a double would have been a good 4S preemptive raise.

They then asked if 3N definitely showed spade support. I said that theoretically by agreement it did, but it was possible that partner forgot, and since partner thought over 4S it seems to me extremely likely that partner had forgotten. RHO passed. Sure enough partner had forgotten (and made an creative bid that in theory should not exist).

I felt that my strong belief that there was a mixup (as opposed to, say, partner just spaced out and forgot it was her turn) stemmed from my knowledge of my partner and therefore my opponent was entitled to that knowledge and I had to disclose

Was I right?

The counter argument is that not all opponents in club games will make the inference that a think should be impossible on this auction, and thus suspect a mixup; the belief that she had misbid was applying my knowledge of my partner to a bridge observation that not all opponents would make.  I do not need to supply the combined product of my bridge skill and my knowledge of partner.

To complicate things, it is possible that my opponent is thinking of doubling, and wants to know if we might have a better place to run. I believe that the UI from my partners think will require me to pull to 5S if she runs (after all it is possible that with some sort of wild hand she is showing me her second suit in case we have a 6 level decision to make), but my opponent may not be thinking of this, so going out of my way to give them the information I believe they are entitled to might damage them in practice.

I was required to disclose clearly that there had likely been a forget
There is a case that I should disclose this, but it isn’t clear; it was good to disclose but perhaps not necessary
I definitely was not required to disclose that there had likely been a forget, but it is fine to do so
It was inappropriate to disclose that there had likely been a forget unless they ask about that specifically

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