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How many 54 year olds from the USA are reading this?

I just turned 55 (yes i know I look older) and was getting set to play my first senior event in Phoenix when i was told the board were

considering (not before time) upping the age to 60 for senior event in the USA.

I checked and found the proposal; as at 1 January the age would move to 60 -- no Grandfathering of players who were previously eligible!

So I would get precisely one nationals and then be sent into the wilderness for five years. I admit i found this somewhat humorous but quite apposite.

However just to be safe, I checked with ACBL. Here is the response:

The motion as it went before the committee was as stated, but this is the motion that was actually passed by the Board:

Item 131-56: Senior Age

The minimum age for ACBL sanctioned Senior events shall be 60 years of age. Those eligible under present rules on December 31, 2013 will remain eligible in subsequent years.

Effective January 1, 2014.

So anyone born on Dec 31 gets in, but if your birthday is a day later you have a further five years to wait.


Barry Rigal


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