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How Many IMPs Do Your Agreements Gain?

I am interested in the perceived value-added of extensively revising a partnership agreement (complete set of understandings). I invite folks to designate two versions of an agreement for a particular partnership and to then estimate the difference in expected IMPs per hundred boards (IPHB) between the two versions. (I hope that this quantity will be nondecreasing.) To isolate the effect of the agreement, I suggest adjusting for the following factors:

* Strength of opposition (but assume expert)

* Revisions in the partnership agreements employed by the opposition

* Strength of you and your partner

* Luck

* Implicit understandings

* Changes in the laws or regulations, to the extent that they affect what understandings are legal

* Anything I've omitted

If it isn't feasible to adjust for all of these things, that's fine: just qualify your estimate accordingly.

Also, I would like these estimates to take into account the chance of forgetting. For example, if Agreement 2.0 would be expected to yield 30 IPHB more than Agreement 1.0 when both were used as directed, but losses due to forgetting would be expected to be 9 IPHB more for the former than for the latter, then the expected net gain of Agreement 2.0 would actually be 21 IPHB.

If the benefit from the later version of the agreement didn't become evident until your partnership had become accustomed to it, that would be of interest as well.

Feel free to express the value of an agreement less formally. For example, you might have started noticing that some regional knockout matches were decided by a swing that resulted from recent tweaking of your agreement.

If your agreement was tweaked too frequently for you to gauge the gain from a given "version" of the agreement, you could instead compare different "series" of versions.

I'd also like some background on the partnership:

* How long you and partner have played together

* How often you and partner have played together

* What percentage of your sessions is played with this partner

* What percentage of your partner's sessions is played with you

* How intensely you and partner have worked on your agreement

The information need not appear in the sequence that I've presented it. A narrative that interleaves everything might be more readable.

So as not to bias the answers, I'll wait to disclose what prompted this post. Thanks.


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