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How strong is your 4th seat 2M opening?

Playing with a new partner, he opened 2 in fourth seat and I discovered we had very different ideas about what a 4th seat 2M bid means. When I polled various teammates and partners, I also got a range of answers.


So, what do you think the 'standard' range for opening 2M in 4th seat is?


(And, in comments, if you think it should be something different than standard, chime in).

Same as in 1st through 3rd seat (5-10ish)
A minimum opener (11-14)
A solid opener (13-15)
A hand that would bid 3M (after 1M-1N)
A strong hand (one that would want to bid 3.5M (after 1M-1N)
A Strong 2 bid (1RF)

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