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How to Address Cheating and Irregular Behavior

    Many years ago I worked at a Bowling Center that had a problem with people writing bad checks.  We would notify them and then they would go through a long song-and-dance and maybe pay within a month or two, sometimes.    We decided on a new policy that, within a week of notification, if the check was not covered, we would post the check under glass for all to see.   We started with a few checks where we knew recovery was impossible and everyone took quite an interest in reading them.  That policy cleared up our check problem in a hurry.  If there was a check problem the person would “hurry” down to get it cleared up.

   I think the ACBL should send a list of people suspended for cheating or bad behavior to all the clubs and ask them to post it; a list that would show their name, district, and unit.  You would be surprised to see how many people would stop and read a list like that at the club.   One would also be surprised what the effect would be on cheating and/or irregular behavior.

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