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How to explain weird bid by partner without providing Unauthorized Information

This is in a club game.  Dealer East, NS Vul.  3 passes to you and you open 1 with:

AJ863 82 A5 AQ83

You have an absent-minded partner who forgets that the partnership agreement is: Bergen raises for 1st/2nd seat openings, and Drury over 3rd/4th seat openings.  Partner now bids 3, and RHO asks what that means.

Do you explain what you THINK it means - a constructive spade raise (Bergen), but partner has forgotten that you opened in 4th seat? Or do you state, without expression, that you have no agreed meaning for this bid (which is strictly true).

I took the latter course, with the intention of clarifying before the opening lead.

Meanwhile, an very impatient LHO grabs a hold of partner's ACBL convention card and declares "this is a 4 card spade raise".  The convention card has the (Red) 2NT box checked under majors and under Other states "Bergen/Jacoby 2N".  It also has the boxes for "Drury", "Reverse" and "2 way" checked.  As it was not LHO's turn I believe this action is uncalled for and called the director.  (LHO is a Diamond Life Master).

Please let me know what is the correct way to handle this situation.

Please select up to 4 choices.

You should explain what you think is means.
Your explanation is correct.
You should say something else.
LHO's action is allowed and correct.

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