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How well do you understand restricted choice?

This is a shameless lift from a newspaper article unconnected to bridge, but I thought it was fun. (Also the BTL comments were comedy gold - I had no idea people could get so enraged about conditional probability).

Here are the questions. I don't think it's too hard to construct bridge-equivalent formulations for some of them ("LHO is known to have at least one of the missing Aces. What is the chance she has both of them?").

Mr Jones has two children. What is the chance that both are boys if

1. The eldest is a boy.

2. At least one is a boy.

3. At least one is a boy born on a Monday.

4. At least one is a boy called Dylan.

For the sake of simplicity p(Monday) = 1/7, p(Dylan) = 1/100.

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