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Swiss teams, you hold, NV against Vul the following hand:







LHO        P        RHO        You

---          P         1         2NT

3*      3       3          P

4         P          P           5

X            All Pass


* 3 was alerted, and explained as showing a limit raise in support of spades.


A Spade is led, as both partner and dummy follow suit 3 times while LHO discards on the third round.  After the hand, We were told that we had been given incorrect information and that 3 in fact showed Hearts and a good 11+ points.  The director was called, and my contention was that the 2 main reasons that I bid 5 were that a) based on the explanation given, partner had to be short, and that b) LHO was limited, so partner was marked with some values.  Had I been given the correct explanation, I would not have bid.


The table result was down 4 (-800).  At the other table the result was 4 making for +620.  4 is inferior, but should also make with careful play.


Thanks in advance for all opinions, even if you abhor the original 2NT bid.  I will give you the actual ruling a little later.

Table result stands
Roll it back to 4 Spades
Something else (please elaborate)

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