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How would you rule?

The contract is 4 by West. Declarer has taken 4 of the first 6 tricks, and these are his remaining cards: West:  ---  QJ9652  ---  East:  Q74  AK7  --- . At this point, declarer (who had won trick 6 in dummy) tabled his cards and claimed his contract, conceding a heart.

Simultaneously with the defence accepting the claim, dummy pointed out that all three of her hearts would be discarded on the diamonds and that declarer’s losing heart would be ruffed at trick 13 with her remaining trump.

Law 71 states that a concession is cancelled if a player has conceded a trick that could not be lost by any normal play of the remaining cards. (‘normal’ includes ‘careless’ and ‘inferior’)

On the other hand, dummy has no rights to challenge a concession by declarer. On the other other hand, dummy does have the right to try to prevent any irregularity by declarer (Law 42B).

How would you rule?

Dummy has committed an infraction and her challenge is invalid; the defence have accepted the concession; so declarer is not entitled to an overtrick
Dummy’s actions are irrelevant; declarer’s concession is careless, so should be cancelled; he is entitled to claim an overtrick

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