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How would you rule as Director?

Matchpoints. As east, not vul, I held : A J 5 3, : A J 6 5 2, : Q,  6 3

North, the dealer, opened 1  and I overcalled 2. (Yes, I know it wasn't a great call.) South bid 2 NT and my partner bid 4.  Now north went into a long huddle and eventually passed. I passed and south doubled, ending the auction.

We were down one for minus 100, a decent board considering N-S can make slam in clubs or 4. However, there were 5 pairs playing 4 and we were the only pair who was doubled. I considered calling the Director after the auction but decided not to. Now I'm wondering if I should have. If you were the Director and were called to the table, let us say you would make a ruling later.  Then considering the actual results, how would you rule?

Reset the contract to 4 hearts not doubled.
Allow the actual result to stand
Some other ruling not shown above

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