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Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced

Anyone having a Bridge experience they thought was funny, share with us.

   I was on TDY working at the Alameda Naval Base in the San Francisco Bay area and had heard that there was a very good game being hosted on Wednesday nights in Piedmont, a community in the middle of Oakland.  A few hours before game time, I called the listed bridge club’s phone number and a woman answered. I explained to here that I was without a partner for the evening and asked if she could procure one for me.  She hesitated, then in a very stern and brisk manner stated that “We do not do that here!” and hung up.  I was confused by the answer and drove to the address, parked, and entered the location, which was a community center with a woman’s aerobics class in progress; it was their director that had answered the phone.  The bridge people had not arrived yet.

   My partner and I were playing at a Regional in an Open event. I in the first seat picked up A10x, xx, Q1098xx, xx and passed.  My left hand opponent, an older stern gentleman also passed. My partner holding 10xxx, AQx, Axx, Axx opened 1NT.  We played 1NT equaling 15+ to 18, and this was a tad short, but being in the third seat, oh well.  It was followed by a pass and I bid 3NT.  My partner received a pleasant Heart lead and I tabled the Dummy. The stern gentleman looked at my hand and declared that “how could I bid 3NT with only 6 points?” He also stated that “they are now letting anyone play in the field” in a disgusted manner.  My partner won the opening lead and laid down the Ace of Diamonds and it went small, small, stiff King; he then hooked the D Jack and ran the Diamonds, pitching his losers and keeping the Spades. He led the Spade 10 off the Dummy, won by the King in Mr. Stern’s hand and his partner dropping the Jack. Partner won the Heart return and played a Spade to Dummy’s Ace, dropping the Queen and Spade back to his hand and claimed making 6. The stern “expert” was very upset, and I couldn’t help myself, and did the Novice act.  I leaned across the table apologizing to my partner saying how sorry I was;  I didn’t think I had enough to bid 6.  Our “expert” slammed the boards down and stomped off in a very unhappy manner.

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