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I just returned from the 6th World Youth Championship from Opatija, Croatia  and while i was on the plane on my way back home, lot's of thoughts, stories were running through my mind. I was very emotioned, and i wanted to share some thoughts that i had with you.

My first travel travel was in 2009 in Istanbul and ended up in Croatia 2019, what a wonderful 10 years of my life were these. I will remember them forever, until the last moment. Not because of bridge, no not at all.... But because of my friends !!! During these 10 years i made so many FRIENDS, people that i can't even count them... Some are still juniors, most of them are not, they are too old and now i am too after all i was the youngest of the group, amazing People that i would have never met them if i wasn't playing bridge, if the Greek federation didn't give me the chance to go out there and play against them, to talk with them share our ideas about how the world works in our country, how things are different from country to country, going out having fun with beers, playing cards all night long, and laughing !!! Oh i could never stop laughing every time i was in a junior tournament and play with/against them and discussing the boards after. I have now friends from China, Australia, Scandinavia, USA .. and the list goes on... 

Many people asked me , what is your biggest benefit of playing bridge (bridge people or not) i answer them the same exactly thing...'I MAKE FRIENDS'

Not getting better in bridge or going trips all over the world, just this.

And now i am sad. I am very sad because when juniors stops being juniors, usually they stop playing bridge (except if they are very good), and i will never stop playing, i will never stop playing no matter if my results are good or bad, no matter if i become professional or not, no matter if top pairs cheat , no matter if the WBF or EBL gets rid of cards or bidding boxes because they are afraid that we will cheat, whatever you will do i will not stop playing. 

And know comes the question that troubles me the last few days. 

- Why my friends stop playing bridge when they are done being juniors? 

- Why there is no motive for us after we stop being juniors? Should be one or just the love for the game?

- What should be done and juniors will keep playing after they are done?

I need your thoughts, i can't find the solution on my own. 

Thank you all for just reading this

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