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I AM SO Embarrassed!

Of course bridge has its embarrassing moments.  For the newer bridge players among us, the moments are somewhat multiplied.  This weekend, playing in a regional in Saratoga Springs, NY, I had a most embarrassing moment:  in the open pairs event in a 3NT contract, I had the delightful experience of going down 5 in a 3NT contract that could make (yeah, I did see -1, but I didn't see how I could make, so I went on a line that could possible make).  In the post-mortem, at the table, after honestly answering my p's queries about:  what were you thinking?  (was it a rhetorical question that I just did not get?) And after taking in appropriate and useful criticism why my line of thinking was not logical and/or nonsensible, I tried to put that hand behind me and play the 2nd of 3 boards.  (I must commend my opponent Joel Wooldridge -- he didn't gloat or laugh a bit, but made me feel less of a fool by saying it happens to the best!)  Not long after the next board had started to be bid, the TD comes to the table and ask Joel's partner for her score sheet.  She says they don't keep one.  He then turns to the table and says in astonished disbelief:  "did someone -- looking directly at me -- go down 5 on the last board?  While my p has a disgusted look on his face, of course I offer up, that is the correct score and the TD leaves the table.

Is it not enough to be embarrassed by the play of the hand then to have the TD immediately come to the table to verify the score?  I suggest, that the TD's verify the score after the round if over -- it saves much embarrassment and accomplishes the same end and time really is not a factor when humans are concerned.

In any event, does anyone care to share their most embarrassing moment at the bridge table?

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