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I DO NOT Know What To Say.

At the recent Las Vegas National, I had friends who live there who did not attend because of the expense

and especially the parking fees. Karen Allison mentioned it was too expensive and she lives

there. I had one pair who I know visit me one day at the Hotel  and stayed and played for

one  regional event. I was able to get free parking because I was staying at the host hotel.

How many players do we lose because of this . Think Disney World!

So I look at the San Francisco info and the ACBL says the parking is only $79.00 a day!

Also, the Bulletin mentions the Host Hotel which is sold out but not the overflow Hotel which

is one mile away according to my info. That Hotel is the Westin according to the web site.

I assume there will be a shuttle. That Hotel has many bad reviews but also has some

good reviews. How many local members are not attending and does anyone care?

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