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I Need Help With 1NT Openings

Lately, I have seen many articles saying that opening 1NT with a small singleton is illegal. When argued that it is legal as a deviation or psych they point to the charts. They use an example contained within the charts as definitive proof. In the example, it states: Psych: Generally, 2 cards fewer or an Ace weaker than the minimum expected for a bid would meet the definition of a Psych, as would an Ace stronger than the maximum expected. A psyche is not limited to this example, though.


Here is the full definition of a psyche: “Psych”: A call that intentionally and grossly misstates the strength and/or suit length of one’s hand.


As one can see, the example used in these articles fits into the definition--yet, the definition is not limited to the example.


Here is an example to illustrate my frustration:


AKxx  Axx  KQxx  32  is legal

AKxx  Axx  KQxxx  3  is theoretically illegal.


Why is it illegal? According to the very example they sight, I have one card fewer or 2 fewer HCP then is expected--Therefore, it is a legal psyche.


What am I missing? What am I failing to understand? Isn't a psyche a bold-faced lie. As long as I follow the guidelines for the use of a psyche bid--no foreknowledge, not against newer players, etc--why can I not legally (psyche) opening the second hand 1NT.


I would also like to point to an article in the Bridge Bulletin that says opening 1NT with a small singleton is a psyche. It was written to clarify the new law shortly after the mandate was enacted. It seems to me, that without any true direction that I can find--the ACBL is arguing both sides of the case.


I entreat you for both: your wisdom and your council.


I also apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere. If it has, please provide a link.

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