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I See Dead People

I'm a procrastinator, so I thought it was finally time to get around to my New Year's resolution--to clean up my BBO friends list, which has grown large over the years. I choose only easy resolutions (for those are the only kind I can actually resolve), but this task stopped me in my tracks when I saw the list-it has an alarmingly large number of people who are no longer around. Most I know have died, others have just disappeared from BBO, and, for some, I have no idea of their status. I thought I'd share the names with you, and make comments where appropriate.

Some friends are "friends friends", some are acquaintances, many are friends I've met on BBO but not in person, and most are experts who I've kibitzed.

I make mistakes, so if I list you as dead and you're not, I'd love to hear from you again. Likewise, if I list you as alive and you're not, I'd certainly want to hear from you--it would make an interesting follow-up article.

aceshaw    John Sheehan, a Long Islander who wrote a fascinating article on Prism Signals (at least I think it's fascinating--I don't understand a word of it). disappeared

abby 28, arndt  Anne Arndt, a West Coast player. disappeared

andersonr2   Richard Anderson, Canadian player and administrator. When I met him, he was in hospice, so I fear the worst

arnie45  Arnold Rosner, a Brooklynite and a composer of some note. died

bigtrain  Walter Johnson,  died

clarsen   Chris Larsen, died

fallison  Frank Allison, long-time ACBL director, died

henryb   Henry Bethe, died

jchambers  Juanita Chambers, died

landen  Steve Landen, died

queenmab  Maureen O'Rourke Wilton,  died

ray zee  Ray Zoller, disappeared

riko  Richard Lesko, disappeared

and, John Lowenthal (I forgot his screen name-I knew him on okbridge)

In the end, I decided not to delete any names, as a sort of memorial to those no longer with us

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