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IBF improving report system

The Israel Bridge Federation is working to improve the system for reporting ethical violations in its own games and tournaments.  In his column in the October issue of the IBF's monthly magazine, IBF chairman Gilad Ofir wrote that "the IBF is currently striving to build a reporting system that will be available to players who wish to report on actions that are "unreasonable: and on behavior that is not ethical, which will allow description and dealing with complaints that are received. We hope that the system will prove unncessary, but it is our obligation to ascertain everything that will allow us all to play fairly and without suspicion."

Ofir made the statement after noting that a Special Ethics Committee is currently investigating charges of cheating against Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz, adding that the two accused are being guaranteed the right to respond to charges and that their guilt or innocence has not been determined at this stage of the proceedings.

Ofir's statement, in Hebrew, is intended for IFB members (who get the bulletin) and does not appear on the Internet. 


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