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IBF Schedules Hearing

The Israel Bridge Federatons Special Ethics Committee, which is investigating charges of cheating against Ron Schwartz and Lotan Fisher, has scheduled a hearing for October 18.  The hearing will cover procedural issues raised by Fisher and Schwartz and their attorneys.


The attachment referred to in the text (which, incidentally, is a pdf file that I can't attach here) is a seven-page, very detailed document from Fisher-Schwartz's attorney, Dror Arad-Ayalon, consisting of 29 separate paragraphs.  Most of them are legalistic arguments, and I don't have the time or energy to translate the entire thing.  My quick reading of the Arad-Ayalon text indicates that it demands/requests the full correspondence between those who submitted evidence to the committee and the SEC itself, full identification of the complainants, and what amounts to an organized indictment.  In other words, the lawyer is requesting that the committee go through all the testimony/evidence/whatever sent to it, decide which of the accusations it wishes to pursue and worthy of prosecution and submit that charge sheet to the accused.  From the tone of the letter, it would appear that the committee just took the material and sent it on to Fisher and Schwartz for comment.  (My comment:  In effect, what Arad-Ayalon demands is the action that would be taken by a prosecutor, if there were one.  It's exactly what one would expect from a good lawyer.  I would imagine that in the case of conviction, the Fisher-Schwartz legal team would use the lack of such an indictment as the basis of a challenge in the Israeli civil courts.  I'd imagine that any and every NBO or higher investigating committee, in addition to dealing with the bridge aspects of their particular case, might face similar legal challenges.)  

The letter also says that in that state of affairs, the burden shifts to Fisher and Schwartz to prove their innocence, rather on the accusers to prove their guilt.

There's also a lot of legalese about the powers of an NGO like the IBF


I also have a question:  In several places, the Ayalon-Arad document refers to an article/sumission as evidence called "The Bridge Doctors."  Does anyone know where I might find that article?   


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