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IBF SEC's Feb. 14 Hearing
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This is one the most important matters going on in the bridge world at the hour, if not THE..., for reasons clear to everyone, extensively debated in a lot of articles and comments on this site. 

Comments about it were made in another article, but apparently people are unable to find those comments because of the inappropriate title of that article.

I took upon myself to take a few comments out of that article and concentrate them here, to present bridgewinners a dedicated platform for discussion.


Yuval Yener: The SEC of the IBF has published the Videos from the 1st hearing on youtube.You can watch the 1st part here:

2nd part here:

and 3rd part here:

Paul Weinstock: I didn't managed to be there as I wanted, but these videos are good enough to see exactly what we're talking about.

I just finished to see the first hour. This covered the defense presentation of the general situation of the case.

The committee members are at the left of the main camera. In the center there is the defense team, Fisher, Schwartz and Liran. First on the opposite (camera) side is Gilad Ofir, IBF's General Manager. Many other IBF members were present.

Defense Counsel av. Dror Arad Ayalon criticized at some point, with newspaper backup, a statement by Ofir, which he (Dror) regarded as not balanced and harming defense position. Ofir answered that he was misquoted. The President of the SEC cut short the background noise and returned the discussion to main inquiry grounds.


Paul Weinstock: Finished to see the second hour. I'll try to summarize. Please try to see this as a personal record of the proceedings, and not as any personal opinion on behalf/against the accused.

Basically, there are two accusation put forward towards Fisher-Schwartz. Theory 1 - board placement signal. Theory 2 - coughing signal.

The second hour started with Inon Liran. It was very important to him to explain that he is not part of the defending team, is not paid for his efforts, and that (at significant personal price to pay) he tries to address from bridge point of view only Theory 1 and the material put forward to IBF and EBL by Kit Woolsey, Ish Delmonte, Per Ola Cullin and others. Liran finds major flaws in the analyze of this material and his conclusion is that F/S are innocent to Theory 1.

For the next about 40 minutes, Schwartz and Fisher address Theory 2 and the documents named “The Israeli Doctors” #1, #2 and #3. Numerous examples have been presented on contradictory conclusions between #1 and #2 towards #3, similar situations analyzed differently, multiple situations of alleged signal given/not given and actions not according to the alleged signal, etc. All those continue in next hour.

Paul Weinstock: And now to the third part.

Fisher continued with board after board presentation of his rejecting Theory 2 from the documents named “The Israeli Doctors” #1, #2 and #3.

Another about ten minutes have taken discussions about understanding exactly how many boards and how many coughs are involved. There are 180 boards from the European Championships and another 24 from 2 games in the Polish league. Defense has been asked to prepare detailed data on the matter to next hearing. A letter from Fisher's physician was presented to SEC.

It was clearly stated by both SEC and Defense that the writers of #1, #2 and #3 should receive fair time to explain their findings.

The Defense Counsel asked for canceling/partially canceling the suspension of the pair. SEC stated that public interest is much more important than their personal interest, but SEC will wait for a formal request by the defense. As an example, Balicki-Zmudzinski are known to have presented to EBL their side of the story and received the right to play again together, even thou the inquiry against them continues. In ACBL all defendants are suspended automatically, until the procedure ends.

Defense will apply formally tomorrow to SEC on the matter.

That's all, folks !

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