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Ideas for Changing the YNABC Format

After playing in the D.C YNABC, I've come to the conclusion that there should be some modifications in the layout of the tournament. I have brainstormed something along the lines of:

DAY 1: PAIRS EVENTS (10/2:30)21-24 boards for qualifying and finals

DAY 2: TEAM EVENTS (10/2:30) 6-7 board rounds for qualifying and finals

DAY 3: KNOCKOUTS & AWARDS (10/2:30/5) 8-10 board rounds for qualifying and finals

Additionally, I find the memorabilia (bags, name tags, etc) a bit tacky. Intuition suggests that the money spent on that could be utilized elsewhere (perhaps prize money or better quality food).

I'm interested in the suggestions/commmentary of other youth players as to how to improve these tournaments. Also, if anybody knows who to contact in order to get these ideas in effect, please write something to that effect in this thread.

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