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If BBO can't get ADVANCED bots to play like something better than a novice...

...then maybe it's time to look into another source for the bots.

Advanced bot picked up this hand today:


Opps are silent.  I was the dealer, and opened 1S.  Bot responded 1NT.  So far, so good.

I rebid 2D, and the bot raised to 3D.  Ok so far...

I bid 3NT, and the FOUR SPADES.  FOUR !@#!@#!@!@#! SPADES.

I understand the bots are never going to be at the level of a good human player.  But this kind of stupidities...and so many others we all could cite...should be avoidable.  If these bots aren't going to be able to do it, perhaps it's time to look into other options.  BBO should pay US a dollar a day for this kind of garbage.

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