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I'm not proposing this as a poll; although it might be suitable material for one.

From the Reisinger first day.

You hold one of these two hands:




In each case the auction goes at unfavorable:

3 to your right, pass by you, 6 to your left, passed back to you.

Would you consider acting? Do you think it clear in either case?

Would it influence your decision as to whether to act if partner tanked over 6?

Now we come to the next leg of the problem.

You get to play 6Sx after the problem hand did double 6.

Your assets are


Q98xxxx/KJ/x/xxx or the like

I'm sorry I dont remember the precise cards but the opponents had 12 diamonds.

You play 6x and have to guess spades. (Lets say the opponents cash A and play a second heart so there arent any subsidiary chances).

Would your play in the trump suit be to finesse or play for the drop?

And finally we come to the TD call after declarer finessed in trumps and lost to the singleton king.

Declarer said to the TD "Nobody would double the slam here with two aces! Dummy obviously has a void.

After the tempo break you'd just defend. So I assumed he must have a trump trick and an ace. I want the double unwound.

AND I want to be allowed to make the slam since without the double I would have played the percentages and guessed trumps."

Does anyone (based on their answer to the questions on the first page) have any sympathy here with the TD call?

(I have no idea hw the TD ruled here but I believe there was a request for a ruling.)


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