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Ilan Herbst


Ilan has been a regular member of the Israeli Open and Junior team for the past 25 years, and has won the Israeli bridge league numerous times. He has won the Israeli Pair Championship 4 times with 4 different partners. Ilan was a member of the winning team of the inaugural Open European Bridge Championship in Menton in 2003 and placed 2nd 6 years later in the event in San Remo.

He received a degree in computer engineering in 1991 and worked for Microsoft for 12 years as a lead software developer.

  • BBO Name : ilanh
  • Lives in : Israel
  • DOB : February 24, 1968
  • Regular partners : Ophir Herbst, Ronnie Barr

Year Place Event
2010 3 50th European Team Championships (Open Teams)
2009 2 4th European Open Championships (Open Teams)
2008 5 1st World Mind Sports Games (Transnational Teams)
2005 3 2nd European Open Championships (Mixed Teams)
2003 1 1st European Open Championships (Open Teams)
2003 5 1st European Open Championships (Mixed Teams)
2003 5 2nd European Champions' Cup (Open Teams)
2001 2 35th World Team Championships (Transnational Teams)
2001 5 45th Generali European Team Championships (Open Teams)
1998 4 10th World Championships (Zonal Mixed Pairs)
1992 5 9th World Team Olympiad (Open Teams)
1991 5 3rd World Youth Team Championship (Junior Teams)
1990 2 12th European Youth Team Championship (Junior Teams)



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