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I'm Sorry

In my "Should This NLM Stay in his Lane" article, I made a comment that many found offensive and reported.




NOTE: By "a comment," I am not referring to my IRL comment. I'm referring to an actual BW comment made on my article. This article is not apologizing for that IRL comment, it is apologizing for the BW comment.


DISCLAIMER: I'm a bit disappointed that I have to say this, but I feel like a few individuals are rather... cynical of me - to say the very least - so here goes.


Before you go misinterpreting my words and claiming that me saying "his article is not apologizing for that IRL comment"  demonstrates that I still don't understand I made an offense with my IRL comment, just understand that I realize I owe an apology for my IRL comment. But I don't owe an apology to the bridge winner community; I owe one to the lady, as this offense was to her, not to BW.


EDIT finished.



In that comment, I opened with an example of a highly inappropriate comment to explain why I felt a certain comment was inappropriate. I then followed it up with:

"(note, I don't actually think like that.)" and "Ok, if I actually said that, IMO, I deserve a ZT."

My intent in opening my comment with such a provocative and unacceptable insult was to provide an example of something that I felt was not acceptable and then proceed to use the example to illustrate why I found another comment unacceptable as well.


Almost certainly, the readers who reported the comment did not understand my intention and realize that my opening lines were a rhetorical device, for, besides that, there was nothing questionable that would warrant a report (me thinks at least).


So I apologize to the readers who reported it. Sorry for making you feel so angry. My intent was not to be a bad person, but I may not have made that clear enough. Had I had been a reader and I thought that my beginning portions of my comment were actually something that I meant, I would have been infuriated and reported it as well. 


For those who did report my comment, I would like to ask you several questions.

Did I enrage you so much with the first few lines that you did not bother to read the rest and see for yourself that it was a rhetorical point?

Did I enrage you so much that your eyes glossed over "(note, I don't actually think like that.)" and "Ok, if I actually said that, IMO, I deserve a ZT."?

Did I not make myself clear enough that it was just a rhetorical point and not a true malicious attack? And if so, how do you suggest that I make it more clear in the future so as to prevent such a misunderstanding from occuring?


Or am I completely missing something and that the reason for reporting it is something else?


(I am not including my original comment in this article because the last time I wrote those words, people reported it. If you would like to see the comment in its entirety, I would gladly email them to you, or if it turns it is ok and according to the community guidelines, I will re-comment it).

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