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I'm Still Alive

For 40 years, I've faced an identity crisis. My namesake, the "other" Larry Cohen, was already quite famous when I entered the bridge scene in the 1970's. He was winning everything and was my bridge hero. I couldn't wait to meet him. Unfortunately, before I did, along came the "Houston Affair." See one of my articles discussing this issue: Larry's website article

Even though the age difference should make it clear, I'm afraid that many of my students never realized there was "another" Larry Cohen. They would read or hear about the cheating scandal and cautiously tiptoe around the issue (always relieved when they found out the truth). (Don't even get me started on "David Berkowitz" and Son of Sam--that's another problem).

I did eventually meet my namesake--he seemed like quite a nice guy. We faced each other at the table several times after he was readmitted to the ACBL.

Anyway, with the "other" Larry's recent death (noted in the March ACBL Bulletin), I suspect people will still be confused. I'm just checking in to let everyone know that I'm still here. And, I would welcome any anecdotes or more information about my one-time hero...


Larry N. Cohen

Delray Beach, Florida

March, 2017

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