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Immediately showing both suits of a major/minor 2-suiter

The topic below was mentioned in the discussion of "Michael's cuebid gone bad" post a few days ago....

I have always been a strong advocate of using two-suited bids that show both suits immediately, instead of having one suit known and one suit unknown. It is easy for interference from the opponents to wreak havoc with safely determining if there is a fit in the unknown suit.

Three decades ago in Quebec, I lost a Flight B Swiss on the last board when partner used a Michaels cuebid over a 1 opening and responder jumped to 4. Holding a stiff diamond, six clubs, and a moderate hand I passed as it was likely partner's minor was in diamonds. Wrong! I was soon to learn partner had a heart/club 2-suiter and we had a great sacrifice in clubs available. Turns out it was the difference in the match.

From then on, with this partner I played the following method (direct seat only) to show both suits immediately:

(1m)-2m = majors(1M)-2M = other major and clubs(1M)-2NT = other major and diamonds

Over 1M, cannot show both minors with an unusual notrump bid (unless you bid 4NT).


Regarding being able to show both suits of a 2-suiter immediately over their 1 or 1 opening bid, what is your interest in playing a method which immediately shows both suits of a major/minor 2-suiter?

I have little interest in wanting to show both suits immediately if I have to give up 2NT as a minor 2-suiter.
I have some interest in wanting to show both suits immediately, but unlikely to have partner that will want to try it.
I have clear interest in trying it, but have few partners that will play this method with me.
I do play this method or something similar with at least one regular partner to allow both suits of a 2-suiter to be shown immediately.

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