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Migry Zur-Campanile will be granted a visa to play for the United States in Bali. It was the bottom of the 9th,with 2 outs, 3 balls and 2 strikes, when the pitcher threw a wicked curve ball. She started to swing, then tried to hold up as it was going outside. It looked like she was a goner when fate intervened. A flock of white geese had descended on the field and the 3rd base umpire had called time before the pitch. Migry was given a reprieve, drew a walk, won the game, was carried off the field. She then was handed a visa to go to Bali where her team won the world championship. The end!

Sounds a bit like a fairy tale, doesn't it?

Migry has been in Singapore since Monday, waiting and hoping for a visa. Yesterday she was denied. We thought we had done everything possible to make this happen but we had not. We kicked it up a notch and Migry will now be attending. I cannot begin to tell you the stress this woman has been through.

But that hand is in the past and now it is time to concentrate on the next.

This will be so good for Migry, her team, the USBF, the WBF, all fans of bridge, the Indonesian Bridge association, and the Government of Indonesia. Even her competitors will be better off for if they win they will know they beat a full strength team rather than one in tatters.

A special thank you to Arnold Laseduw from the Indonesian Bridge Federation for his non stop efforts. In addition the nation of  Indonesia has shown that it is possible to put politics aside to do the right thing for a cultural event that brings people together from all countries with a common purpose.

Bridge wins today.  

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