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Implications Of Asking

I had a hand at my club last week that raised several interesting points of procedure.   I'm not agitating for a better result - in the end I told the director to adjust our score to a zero.  But the procedure still matters.


With your side only vulnerable, you deal and hold:


K 7 4

9 7 5

Q 5 3 2

T 6 2


After two passes partner opens 1N, and RHO bids 2, alerted by LHO.


It is difficult to imagine you doing anything but passing for the remainder of the auction.  However, you ask for an explanation, which results in UI because the opponents are having a misunderstanding.  This UI constrains the 2 bidder later in the auction.  (Aside to Michael Rosenberg, yes of course it was a UI situation.)


Should there be any ramifications about asking here?  It is certainly consistent with proper procedure, and it would be entirely possible that you might say "I always ask so that when I find myself with KQJT and it was a transfer to , my partner isn't barred from a heart lead by my asking."

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