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Impolite to compliment partner?

For my entire bridge career, if I think my partner has played or defended a hand very well, I pay him a compliment.  "Very nice" or "Well done".  Nothing overly effusive, just an acknowledgment that I think they did something good.

I've carried that over to my BBO play as well.  "wpp" for "Well played, partner" or "ndp" for "Nice defense partner", stuff like that.

Today whilst playing BBO, for the first time in my entire decades-long bridge career I had someone whose opinion I deeply respect tell me that it's impolite to compliment partner at the table online.  When I protested that I do that at the bridge table as well, that someone told me that was impolite as well.

This was news to me.  I thanked that person for the heads-up, but it really got me thinking.  Have I been rude my entire bridge career without realizing it?  I wouldn't put it past me to be oblivious to that fact.

As an aside, I also compliment the opponents, both online and at the table, when I think they did something good. I don't think anyone considers that to be impolite.

What do you alll think?  What is the etiquette about giving partner a compliment in front of the opponents?

Paying partner a compliment in front of the opponents is okay
Paying partner a compliment in front of the opponents is impolite

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