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In Memoriam: Kyle Larsen 1950-2012

Kyle LarsenKyle Larsen, one of the game's great players, passed away on August 21st at 9:10 PM PST. Kyle battled prostate cancer for several years before finally succumbing. Kyle was a fierce competitor with phenomenaltable presence and instincts. He had many partners throughout his career, but duringthe past 12 years he played almost exclusively with Rose Meltzerin the major events.

Kyle'simpressive career started off with him becoming the youngest life master (at that time), and culminated with victories in the Bermuda Bowl in 2001 and the Rosenblum in 2006. Kyle was also one of a select group of players that won anNABC event in each of the last 6 decades. His titles included 2 Spingolds, 2 Reisingers, and 4 GNTs. Most recently he was inducted into the Bridge Hall of Fame.

Kyle made his living playing bridge and poker and betting on sports. He will be remembered fondly not only for his prowess at bridge, but more importantly as a kind andremarkable human being. We invite you to share your stories below.

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