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In Polish Club how often is a weak NT hand successfully penalized?

In the Polish Club system, a 1 opening shows either a weak NT (12-14 or 11-14) or certain types of stronger hand.  It is forcing for one round and embodies a negative 1 response that normally shows 0-5 points, although it might sometimes be a stronger hand with no 4 card major.  With a weak NT hand opener rebids in his longer major suit (hearts with equal length), which is sometimes a 3 card suit.  The 1 or 1 rebid could also be a 4 card suit with 5+ clubs.

Even so, the sequences 1 P 1 P 1 and 1 P 1 P 1 will often be based on a weak NT hand opposite a very weak responding hand.  There would seem to be some risk of conceding a large penalty if either opponent passed on the first round with a strong hand.  

Last year Gerben Dirksen wrote an interesting article that recommended passing over a 1 opening or a 1 response with strong NT type hands.  Has anyone used a defense like this to pick up worthwhile penalties when opener has a weak NT hand?

If you play Polish Club, have you been on the receiving end of this approach?

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